O2 UK Offers 4G Data Access to Laptop Users

Pay-as-you-go is a quite straightforward concept in the UK, users only need to top up and spend cash to immediately gain access to wireless services. The 4G LTE is a relatively new technology in the United Kingdom and multiple carriers are still experimenting with proper tariffs. O2’s new plan is applicable for laptop users and new subscribers get free 500MB of 4G data.

Laptop users need a 4G dongle to access the network, one of the available models is the Huawei MBB Dongle with built-in WiFi connectivity that allows up to ten devices to share the connection.

Laptop users with O2’s 4G connection can get multiple benefits. They can get exclusive access to a wide range of gaming, sport and music content. In some cases, they can access multiplayer gaming and other special offers that won’t eat into their monthly data allowance.

They can access O2’s website, which features multiple tools such as 4G data calculator and coverage checker. Laptops users who want to get more information on O2’s 4G service can visit company’s official stores to get free 4G experience sessions from “O2 Gurus”. This would allow users to explore multiple possibilities that the data connectivity technology may unlock for them.

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