New MacBook Pro Could Have Keyboard and Trackpad Glitches

A large number of owners of the new Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pro have reported trackpad and keyboard issues. They found that trackpad freezes and repeated keyboard freezes could only be rectified with a hard reset. The thread in Apple support forums directly associated with these issues is rapidly growing spanning dozens of pages.

The problem is discovered on all MacBook configurations, with 15-inch and 13-inch models seemingly affected equally. A hard reset is hardly considered as a fix, but so far, it is the only thing users can do. However, closing the lid to enable the sleep mode and reopening it may sometime solve the problem.  Apple could still be investigating the problem, software glitches can be fixed with new updates, while hardware issues could result in massive recall.

Unveiled last week, the brand new MacBook Pro models are driven by Intel’s efficient Haswell processor. It is a direct update to the earlier Ivy Bridge processor. The new Iris integrated graphics chip also promises improved performance, which is comparable to any entry-level mobile discrete graphics card in the market. Haswell may only add up to 10 percent of performance improvement over the Ivy Bridge, but users can reap hours of additional battery life.

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