We all know that authorities have the ability to hear conversations on our mobile phones and hack into our laptop. But apparently, FBI has also the ability to take over the front-facing camera on our laptop. Ideally, such a significant invasion of personal privacy is warranted if users are suspected terrorists or have committed very serious crimes. FBI has already used this hack to track down a person known as “Mo”, who made multiple bomb threats to different authorities.

The authority has developed special software that may control the laptop’s webcam without making the green warning light comes, which indicates users that the camera is on. FBI may also use the phishing method to install specific code to email address of an alleged criminal. This is also how malicious attackers hack into our social media accounts.

To analyze targeted machines, FBI also uses a diagnostic program to generate detailed information of configuration and installed applications. People from the agency could also covertly download email messages, documents, photos, videos and other files from the computer.

It’s clear that we are living in a world where authorities and law enforcement agencies hack into our computers. And we haven’t seen any public date to discuss this issue. Critics say that FBI’s power is too broad and they could potentially collect any information not related to alleged crimes.

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