Asus and Toshiba are Working on New Chromebooks

Asus and Toshiba are working on new Chromebooks equipped with Intel Haswell processors. Chromebooks are regularly tipped as the next big thing in the industry and they do work as light-weight computing solutions for people who prefer web-based environments.

Acer recently released its new Chromebook C720P, which was equipped with 11.6-inch display and Intel Haswell processor. The touch-capable device is priced reasonably at $299 (approx. £183), So, it’s quite logical that other major laptop makers are seeking to follow in the Acers footsteps.

Asus may respond initially with a Haswell-powered Chromebook equipped with 11.6 or 13.3-inch display; priced somewhere between $199 (approx. £122) and $329 (approx. £203). Chromebooks are typically included in the top five best selling laptops in; Acer C720p and Samsung XE303C12-A01US; are Chromebooks positioned at No. 4 and No.5, respectively. Of course; good sales don’t translate into quality products.

A quick peek at user reviews in reveals that there are plenty of buyer’s remorse with the system. So, it’s quite clear that other manufacturers need to learn from mistakes of early Chromebook models. Chromebooks are typically web-centric laptops with more limited functionality and some consumers already argue that it’s better to get affordable, small-sized Windows laptops instead; due to disparity in productivity potentials

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