Classic Start Menu May Return to Laptops With Windows 8.2

Windows 8 debuted more than one year ago in October and Microsoft is still looking for ways to improve its struggling operating system. The first wave of major updates came months ago through the Windows 8.1 and the upcoming major overhaul may bring the platform back to its roots. The next version could be the Windows 8.2 or the Windows 9.0; and it is intended to bring back some of the abandoned goodness from earlier Windows versions.

Although we have yet to see the classic Windows Start menu, the Windows 8.1 arrived with the Start button. Sources are telling us that the familiar Start menu should return quite soon. However, the feature is probably something optional, meaning laptop users will not have to use this if they are already well-accustomed to the “Modern UI” of the Windows 8.

Laptop users who don’t feel like waiting too long for the new update may use a number of 3rd party apps that provides the Start Menu capability somewhat accurately, such as the Classic Shell and Stardock Start 8.

The Windows 8.2 could arrive as early as spring next year and the next major version may arrive in the first half of . We still couldn’t be certain whether the next full version will be called Windows 9.0, but it is codenamed the “Threshold”.

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