MacBook Pro Will Have 4k IGZO Display

A few weeks ago we heard rumors that the new MacBook Pro refresh would sport a high resolution 4K display, 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution to be precise. With its 15.6-inch display, users would get 282ppi of pixel density. As a comparison, the first Retina-capable MacBook Pro came with only 220ppi resolution on its 15.4-inch display.

It will use Sharp’s impressive IGZO technology, which is thinner than regular LCD panels. This would allow more light to pass through from the backlight, allowing manufacturers to fit more efficient and dimmer backlight to achieve the same result with traditional LCD panels.

Apple isn’t the only one with interest on this technology, both Samsung and Foxconn has stakes in Sharp’s display factories. Sharp needed to get financial assistances from external sources, since the company has more than its fair share of problems lately.

The new MacBook Pro would be equipped with larger storage capacity, longer battery life, faster WiFi performance, enhanced graphics and more efficient Haswell processor. It would also arrive with the OS X Maverick, which is said to deliver many more new features, including brand new Calendar application, iBook app, more responsive Safari maps and multiple monitors support.

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