The Book 9 Plus stands out rather easily with its very high screen resolution display, combined with outstanding rigidness, meticulous build and high-quality materials. In addition, there are the accurate touchpad and crisp keyboard that delivers satisfying results. It’s a bit unfortunate that Samsung decides to use glossy panel, which is less suitable for outdoor use.

The laptop takes delight in a couple of USB 3.0 ports. The microHDMI port can handle 4k videos rather easily and the legacy VGA out, allows users to connect to external monitor very quickly. With its impressive 320 x 1800 resolution, the Book 9 Plus offers the sharpest display in the 13.3-inch category. Its Intel Core i5 4200U is clocked dynamically between 1.6GHz and 2.3GHz.

The built-in HD Graphics 4400 is a direct improvement over the common HD Graphics 4000, which can render many newer games easily at low-medium detail settings.

The Book 9 Plus can consistently handle temperature build up even with heavy usage. It also comes with reasonably powerful stereo speakers that can literally vibrate the table with their very strong bass. The Book 9 Plus is quite acceptable for occasional music and movie enjoyment.

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