Many have expected that the OS X Mavericks will arrive on October 22 and it should come along with the upcoming  Edition of MacBook Pro. Apple first introduced the new OS X version in this year’s WWDC in June. So far, developers have received eight different Developer Previews of the Mavericks.

This gives us a rather good insight into the new OS update. New feature included with the Mavericks are iCloud Keychain, improved Safari web browser, redesigned calendar interface, iBooks, tabbed finger, revamped Maps app and others. The OS X Mountain Lion was available in for only $19.99, so Apple should charge the Mavericks at approximately the same price.

However, since Microsoft is offering free upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1, Apple may surprise by giving free upgrade. But people who think they know the company better and believe that Apple will still charge something, $9.99 is at least enough to recoup some of the expenses.

The Retina Display Macbook Air is also worth the wait, since it combines high-resolution display with long battery life and excellent computing performance. It will be equipped with Intel’s new Haswell processor and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. But at the moment, the company is still mum on the actual release date of the Retina Display MacBook Air.

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