Fujitsu Releases the Lifebook U902 Ultrabook

Another laptop model joins the Fujitsu’s Lifebook lineup and it is designed to help people achieve their full potential during work and play. The Lifebook U902 is probably the slimmest 14-inch business ultrabook at only 0.61-inch thick. The IGZO panel offers very high 3200 x 1800 screen resolution delivering excellent sharpness when users run high definition content.

Other favorable features are Anytime USB Charge HD webcam, enhanced security system, backlit keyboard and extended battery life. There’s also a variant with built-in 4G support that delivers exceptional Internet access on the go, comparable to land-based DSL connection. For improved convenience and better connectivity, Fujitsu also offers an optional port replicator. Users can choose a SSD-based variant for great data transfer performance or one with SSHD for lower price, while maintaining performance at an acceptable level.

Its Intel Core i7 4600U dual-core “Haswell” processor is an ULV model, ideal for energy-efficient ultrabooks in second half of. With the base clock rate of 2.1GHz, the processor can pushed to up to 2.9GHz with two active cores or 3.3GHz with only one active core.

Manufactured with 22nm, process, the chip is comparable in performance to the Core i7 3687U from the Ivy Bridge generation.  The Intel HD Graphics 4400 is a decent improvement over the more common HD Graphics 4000, capable of running latest games smoothly at medium-low detail settings.

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