Thanks to its open nature, the Android OS, has been customized, hacked and put onto all kind of gadgets and appliances over the years. Apparently, Lenovo it is the right time to install the software platform on a laptop model. According to reports, it appears that Lenovo is planning to release the IdeaPad A10. Unlike the more expensive Samsung Ativ Q laptop, the A10 could be a good definition of affordable machine.

Other than the 10-inch HD touchscreen display, the Lenovo A10 is equipped with 1.6GHz Rockchip A9 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Users can get up to 32GB of internal storage, although that sounds ridiculously too little for laptop, users can plug in up to 64GB of microSD card into the external memory slot.

There’s also a low resolution front-facing webcam and a rather generous assortment of connectivity options, including headphone jack, HDMI, microUSB port, full-sized USB port, Bluetooth and WiFi. These modest hardware specs would be reflected quite well by the price of the IdeaPad A10.

While it may not be a marvelous laptop model by any stretch, the A10 should be appropriate for users familiar with Android platform. It is rechargeable through the standard microUSB port, a great change from the proprietary charging solutions. There’s no word on availability for consumers in the UK.

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