MacBook Air Mysteriously Disappears in the US

Those planning to purchase the Apple MacBook Air laptop in the United States will quickly find out that the model is vanishing from various retailers, while the MacBook Pro models remain plentiful. The nationwide disappearance of MacBook Air ahead of the WWDC may point to a new revamped model to be introduced in the event.

So, it is possible that the disappearance of the Air in the US may have a global implication. However, the fact that the Apple hasn’t bled down the supply points of MacBook Pro may indicate that the company is planning to revamp the notebook lineup down the road.

It should be noted that Apple introduced new MacBook Air and Pro models at WWDC including one with Retina Display technology. Analysts have predicted that Apple may introduce MacBooks powered with Haswell chips at this year’s WWDC. This sounds quite believable as Intel is planning to release the Haswell officially on June 3, while the WWDC starts up about one week later.

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