Asus Zenbook Infinity Will Use Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Many Asus laptop users have benefited significantly from cool devices released by the company, such as the recent Transformer Book. Now the Taiwanese company is setting up to unveil its new ultrabook model, the Zenbook Infinity. The ultrabook could make its first appearance in Taipei at Computex  next month. Asus hasn’t given us all the necessary details about the laptop, but the company did reveal that the Zenbook Ultimate will be equipped with the “Native Damage Resistance” solution, which is based around the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The new screen protection technology is about three times as strong as the Gorilla Glass 2 in terms of scratch resistance. The press release also tells us that there will be 60 percent less highly visible scratches on the display and if deep scratches do occur, the display will have better “retained strength” than previous Gorilla Glass generations. Asus also said that the Zenbook Infinity will be about 15 percent thinner than earlier Zenbook models.

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