LG Introduces Two Haswell-Based Ultrabook Models

LG has announced the arrival of two Haswell-equipped Windows 8 ultrabooks, the 13Z930 and 15U530. LG first mentioned the latter in June when it revealed its future Haswell plans. Designated as Ultra Series models, they are equipped with 13.3-inch IPS display for the 13Z930 and 15.6-inch IPS display for the 15U530.

They sport the reasonably fast Intel Core i5 4200U processor with 128GB SSD for 13Z920 and 750GB HDD in the case of 15U530. The 13Z930 is equipped with the basic Intel HD Graphics, while the 15U530 has slightly better graphics performance with its Nvidia GeForce GT 720M discrete GPU.

Measuring at 13.6mm thick, the LG 13Z930 is a lightweight ultrabook model, at only 1.15kg. The addition of integrated optical DVD drive makes the 15U530 noticeably thicker at 20.9mm and it is a bit heavier at 1.95kg. LG hasn’t revealed pricing of these ultrabook models, but they are more likely placed in the mid-tier category.

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