Dell Launches the Low-Cost Inspiron 11 Laptop

Dell is seeking to reshape its budget consumer notebook lineup with its Inspiron 11. It comes with 11.6-inch touchscreen HD display; the variant with AMD processor is available for £220 and the one with Haswell chip, for £240. Both run Windows 8.1 operating system and Microsoft Office.

The eight hours of battery life should be quite reasonable for mobile users. The Inspiron 11 includes HDMI port, webcam, USB 3.0 ports and Gorilla Glass-protected display. Dell’s current budget models are 14R and 15R, with 13.3-inch display or larger. They are affordable but somewhat bulkier.

Dell previously revamped its Inspiron branding, by using new names that make it easier for users to identify. The new Inspiron 7000 lineup is the company’s new mid-tier laptop series, priced at between £440 to £700. By default, 7000 laptops will have touchscreen display in the United Kingdom.

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