Lenovo Will Soon Release Multiple New Chromebook Models

The China-based laptop giant seems to be quite serious about having an involvement in the Chromebook market. According to the head of Lenovo’s branch in North America; the company will unveil multiple Chromebook models with different hardware configurations and price segments. At the moment, Lenovo has already offered one Chromebook model, the Thinkpad X131e, which is available for $399.

Lower pricing is the most important market advantage of Chromebook models. As an example, a typical MacBook unit can be five times more expensive than a standard Chromebook – $1000+ against only $200. So, Chromebooks are particularly appealing for consumers who only need to perform average web-centric tasks, such as updating social media posts, browsing the web, streaming online videos and checking email.

We have seen the rise and fall of netbooks; web-oriented compact laptops based on Windows operating system. These devices had been largely eradicated by tablets. Their keyboard and screen were too small for most adults; while the processor underneath was too weak to handle more serious tasks. In essence, Chromebooks have addressed these issues quite well.

After the emergence of Android and iOS; consumers can now better adapt to alternative, non-Windows operating systems. This would mean that the Chromebook market will continue to grow in.

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