Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is widely known as an affordable version of the full-fledged ThinkPad models. The ThinkPad Edge E145 seems to fulfill this role quite well. The laptop is equipped with 11.6-inch (1366 x 768) display, which is common among low-end laptop models. It is generally adequate for watching up to fullHD videos, surfing the web and document editing.

Under the hood, there’s AMD modest APU, E1-2500 dual-core processor. With no built-in turbo feature, the frequency is fixed at 1.4GHz. With TDP of 15W, the APU consumes less power than Intel’s standard ULV chips.

Obviously, the APU can’t keep up with Intel’s offerings in the category in terms of performance level. Impression on overall performance would be affected somewhat by the rather mediocre hard drive, the Hitachi Travelstar-Z5K500 running at 5400rpm. At 77MB/s, the transfer rate is quite acceptable for a 5400rpm, but at 22.1 ms, the access time is a bit too high.

The E1-2500 APU comes with the AMD Radeon HD 8240 IGP that can smoothly handle basic graphics tasks. Running at 400MHz, it performs slower than Intel HD Graphics 4000 on faster Ivy Bridge processor. However, less demanding games like StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 should run smoothly at medium-low detail settings.

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