Dell Latitude E6430e May Have “Odour Problem”

Users have recently reported unpleasant odours emanating from certain Dell laptop units. The cat urine-like odour is quite powerful, but experts assure that it isn’t a health hazard. More likely, it’s caused by changes in manufacturing process. Similar report appeared for the first time in June this year from a Dell Latitude E6430e user. The odour seemed to originate from the keyboard assembly. Dell initially suggested thorough cleaning of air vents and keyboard.

However, as more users from different regions and countries report similar issues, it became quite clear that users weren’t to blame for the mysterious odour.

Dell managed to narrow down the cause to a manufacturing issue, which is supposedly resolved this month. Meaning, new Dell laptop units coming out of production lines recently would be free of the infamous cat-pee smell.

Those who are unlucky to get units from earlier production batches, should immediately bring their machine to Dell for a free replacement.

Unfortunately, getting a replacement doesn’t guarantee an odour-free experience, as some users get their 6430u units replaced a few times and the foul smell is still there. Dell doesn’t elaborate the exact cause, but it seems to be serious enough that Dell’s technicians can’t repair it at the service centre.

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