iFixit: Edition MacBook Pro Models Are Very Difficult to Repair

iFixit always eagerly tears into newly released devices, including the Haswell-powered MacBook Pro. The late  edition of MacBook Pro comes is 13-inch and 15-inch models. Like with previous models, technicians will also need to give these machines some heat gun, spudger and pentalobe screwdriver treatment.

While users would be glad to know that these devices are equipped with plenty of new components, it appears that devices are much less repairable. Scoring 1 out of iFixit’s repairability scale of 10, these new devices are next to impossible to repair.

Hardware experts from the repair service company found that they needed to remove internal screws to access all components, but they are hidden under a glued battery. The SSD drives are of non-standard type and Apple soldered RAM modules into place.

These new MacBook Pro models are known for their exceptional battery life, thanks to the well-optimized OS X Mavericks and the power-sipping Haswell processor. But in two or three years when newer software begins to make these laptops struggle, users won’t be able to upgrade the RAM and SSD.

Significant internal changes have made these laptops more difficult to repair, as an example; it is no longer possible to replace the headphone jack without putting a new logic board block. The seemingly simple repair task, could become a major undertaking and costs users up to £620.

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