Lenovo Officially Announces the ThinkPad S531 Ultrabook

Lenovo has recently introduced the ThinkPad S531 and the laptop essentially combines large keyboard, 15.6” lay-flat LCD display, slim profile and Windows 8 OS into one nice package. Those who have seen a S431 will find the new laptop familiar, with its OneLink dock connector and the same overall design language.

Unfortunately, there’s no Haswell chip inside and the S531 still shares the same Intel Ivy Bridge processor model. Nevertheless, it is claimed that the S531 delivers 15 percent better performance thanks to the optimization for Windows 8 OS. Lenovo promises a full HD variant coming in July and hopefully, the company will also bring us a model with upgraded processor

Overall, the laptop has a rather clean look thanks to the glass surface, 5-button click pad and simplified interior. The aluminum LCD cover also has a premium feel and smooth to the touch after being sand blasted and anodized. The display has 180-degree open angle, giving users more options in interacting with the laptop.

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