Intel’s New Celeron ULV Processor Could Make Budget Ultrabooks $100 Cheaper

Intel has added a new ULV (ultra low voltage) processor to its lineup without much fanfare. The new Intel Celeron 1019Y is a member of the Ivy Bridge family with 10W of TDP. The 64-bit, 22nm dual-core processor has basic clock speed of 1GHz. It comes with Intel HD graphics GPU clocked between 350MHz and 800MHz and supports up to 32GB of DDR3 (1600MHz) system RAM.

While it includes the built-in virtualization capability, the Celeron 1019Y doesn’t include hyperthreading and Turbo Boost features. With the suggested retail price of $153 (Approx. £98), it is unlikely that laptop makers will use the processor on $200 (Approx. £128) laptops. Nevertheless, it seems to be a decent alternative to Intel Core i3 models.

It should be noted that the TDP of the 1019Y is not too far off from some dual-core Atom chips on the market. Experts reckon the new processor could cut the price of typical entry-level ultrabooks by about $100 (Approx. £64).

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