Intel Will Reduce Ultrabook Price to $599 This Holiday Season

Intel announces a plan to push down the average starting price of ultrabooks to improve adoption rates. At only $599 (Approx. £385), these slim laptops will likely be favorite holiday season gifts. The chip maker will deliver mobile Haswell chips in large number and the will bring a boatload of useful features including very long battery life, faster storage performance and optimized touchscreen supports.

Unfortunately, some experts argue that the move is a little too late. Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS got off to a good start and the company manages to sell 60 million licenses by the beginning of this year. Unfortunately for Intel, people with light computing requirements, already find that iPad and Android tablets suit them rather well.  Mobile device manufacturers employ aggressive upgrade cycle for its products, which continue to tie people into the Android and iOS ecosystems.

It’s easy to see that the PC market looks much less exciting. It is quite likely that the price drop will do little to alleviate the stagnated PC industry. For $599 (Approx. £385), users are still able to purchase an iPad or 10.1” Android tablets.

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