Intel Will Introduce 3D Camera Technology on Laptops

Many laptop users are expecting to see the gap between the real and virtual worlds are narrowed down with innovative products. Intel’s new solution that is based on 3D webcams could do just that since it can work somewhat similarly like human eyes. These cameras can track depth and go deeper inside images.

The depth sensing capability could literally help laptops understand out mood better and it could also improve gaming experience by detecting relevant gestures. As an example, these cameras determine whether users are happy and can recognize multiple facial features. Videoconferencing should also be potentially more enjoyable, since laptops can immediately recognize bodies and faces, extract them from the original images and superimpose them in another background.

This capability could be included in the future versions of Skype. Another possibility is that these 3D cameras could identify users’ reading habit’s to make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Through voice and camera feedback, the laptop could determine interactivity levels.

In essence, 3D cameras can identify the characteristics and dimensions of objects by scanning the shapes and contours of items in view. They can sense the color, size, distance and other important characteristics through various color and infrared sensors. This would allow a wide range of implementation, but the trick is to implement the functionality in real time. Combined with gesture, touch and voice recognition; future laptops could become more intuitive and natural to interact with.

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