The Google Chromebooks have brought changes to the laptop market and it causes manufacturers to reshuffle their product lineup.  Microsoft has introduced a new laptop concept that costs only $199. This will allow Windows-based models to compete Chromebooks, which are priced between $199 and $249.

Chromebooks have found their places in many places including schools and enterprises; so it could be an opportunity for Microsoft to regain some of the lost market share. The software giant didn’t give us details on the laptop’s specs; but we probably could expect what to get from a $199. It probably has a standard 11.6-inch display with the usual 1366 x 768 resolution. It may also have an Intel Atom processor.

At $199, these Microsoft-endorsed laptops should be appealing for educational institutions and departments with less need for high-performance computing. The laptop should have enough firepower to deliver smooth experience with basic computing tasks such as document editing and web browsing.

In the last five months, the volume of Chromebooks units sold have increased for about 250 percent; compared to the same period in. About 40 percent laptops sold in the United States are Chromebook and this is certainly a serious threat for Microsoft.

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