FINsix Highly Portable Laptop Adapter

FINsix recently received the Innovations and Design Engineering Award in CES event. Its highly portable 65W adapter offers the ability to keep the laptop running without burdening users with the usual brick-shaped charger. The company’s patented VHF (very high frequency) switching technology makes it possible to shrink a typical adapter to as small as a USB flash drive. The company claims that its adapter is six times lighter and four times smaller than standard laptop cables. There is also an additional 2.1A USB port that can charge smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Included with the package are numerous DC cable end tips to connect the charger with various laptop models. FINsix is also looking for approval from Apple, which allows the adapter to charge the MacBooks. The adapter also includes built-in output current limiter, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection and over-voltage protection. It is also designed to meet any electromagnetic interference regulation.

FINsix has announced the actual pricing of the adapter, but it says that the device will be quite competitive to other laptop adapters in the market. This would mean that FINsix’s compact laptop adapter will be priced at around $90. The actual production phase will start in mid; but it is available for preorder is also started in March in multiple color options.

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