Intel Issues Updated Guidelines for Haswell–Powered Ultrabooks

Haswell-powered laptops will soon hit the streets in droves and many of them are slim ultrabook models. Models released this year are promised to deliver faster wake from sleep and longer battery life, thanks to the more power efficient chip. Some high-end ultrabooks in would actually be a hair thicker.

Previously, Intel required ultrabooks to measure just less than 21mm thick, but the chip maker has relaxed the rule to 23mm. This would make it easier for PC makers to design convertible models with removable or swivel display. With the more energy-efficient Haswell chip, Intel requires ultrabooks powered with the chip to operate for 9 hours while idle when running Windows 8, 6 hours when playing HD videos and one week during standby.

Haswell ultrabooks will also run faster than those running Ivy Bridge chips, with up to 11 percent performance boost and 40 percent higher graphics performance, while keeping the power usages 25 percent lower. The company also insists that Haswell ultrabooks will need less than three seconds when waking from sleep.

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