Teardown of The New MacBook Air Reveals Some Internal Changes

Apple announced the 11” and 13” models of MacBook Air at WWDC, which feature Intel 4th gen. Core “Haswell” processors. Other significant improvements include Intel HD Graphics 5000 integrated GPU, 802.11ac WiFi and longer battery life.

iFixit is known for its focus on devices released by Apple and it paid special attention to the teardown of the model of MacBook Air. Changes found inside the laptop include, update AirPort card, new heat sink clamp, separate platform controller hub, smaller SSD module, speaker cable connector with opposite facing and others.

Combined with the lower power requirements of the Haswell processor, the more powerful 7.6V 7150mAh battery can deliver 12 hours of operational time with moderate usages. Despite these improvements, iFixit said that the new MacBook Air actually lacks significant internal revisions. We also shouldn’t expect huge pricing updates as Apple rarely lowers prices of its devices; while the new 13” model will be $100 or £65 cheaper, the 11” model will be $100 or £65 more expensive compared to the last year’s models.

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