When we are purchasing a laptop, built-in graphics are considered as minor priority. Over the years, Intel HD Graphics is considered as basic solution that lags behind AMD APUs. Intel is seeking to break the cycle by releasing the Intel “Iris” Graphics built into the new Haswell processor family.

The new integrated GPU is promised to deliver between 200 and 300 percent performance boost, compared to Ivy Bridge’s Intel HD Graphics 4000. This is an unusually significant improvement as each Intel HD Graphics generation typically offers only double digit boost in performance over the predecessor.

The company will offer five levels of integrated graphics this year, with Intel Iris Pro 5200 at the top. Laptops with more efficient Haswell processor models will get Intel HD Graphics 5000 instead, which should be a decent improvement over the 4000. This would be more appropriate for ultrabooks with more restricted power requirements.

For now, it is not known how fast Iris GPU in real life settings, but since the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is roughly comparable with Radeon 6470M, we could expect the Iris to be comparable with today’s lower mid-range dedicated graphics cards.

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