According to a new patent, Apple seems to be working on a hybrid device that combines a MacBook and iPad. The lower half of the device looks like MacBook Pro, while the detachable display is akin to the iPad 4. Users can close it like an ordinary laptop and rotate the display for presentation purposes. Even after being detached, the display can still communicate wirelessly with the base unit through Bluetooth and WiFi. There’s even a power transfer implementation between units, which is comparable to wireless charging.

Although Asus is moderately successful with its Transformer lineup, Apple may still encounter more challenges with its hybrid implementation. In tablet mode, users want the device to be as thin, light and small as possible, preferably comparable to the iPad. In laptop mode, users expect the hybrid to be as capable as the MacBook Air. Obviously, users want a higher standard from Apple and the company may not find these paradigms easily reconcilable.

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