Lenovo has just released the ThinkPad S431, a laptop PC with touchscreen display and elegant floating display. It offers 15 percent faster performance level than predecessors and optimized for Windows 8. The laptop looks ideal for those seeking a good combination of substance and style. It includes the OneLink feature, which supports connection to the OneLink Dock, with its additional USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and dedicated video cable.

The 14” multi-finger touchscreen LCD display allows resizing objects, choosing apps and swiping a breeze. The 180-degree open angle enables users to interact with the ThinkPad S431 in a number of ways to improve the overall user experience.

The 3rd generation Intel Core processor is accompanied with 500GB HDD and 8GB of RAM. There are also a couple of two USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfer performance. The laptop offers 9 hours of battery life when running typical productivity tasks, while the hard drive can accommodate hundreds of full-length movies.

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