HP Elitebook 8770w Review

The HP Elitebook 8770w is a mobile workstation with impressive computing and graphics performance ratings. It should suffice for nearly all possible scenarios, while delivering flexible uses of interfaces and extensive connectivity options.

Users will easily appreciate the wealth of upgrade options. Screws of the bottom flaps are easy to remove and once opened, users can have access various empty slots. The DreamColor technology is the undisputed highlight of HP Elitebook 8770w. The display has decent viewing angles, brightness level and contrast.

Despite scoring high in terms of connectivity and performance level, many users need to accept the fact that the HP Elitebook 8770w has limited mobility characteristics. Lasting only at around two-hour mark, users won’t be able to stay far from the nearest wall socket. Noise emission for such as a powerful device is expectedly high and it can be unacceptable in some indoor areas, including libraries and quiet workplaces. There are three resolution options users can choose. Under the hood, the laptop is powered by the Intel Core i7 3610QM and Nvidia K400M GPU.

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