Landing Zone Offers Additional Ports for MacBook Air Users

In its pursuit for the thinnest, smallest laptop possible, Apple can be rather stingy with ports. This is one thing that many new MacBook Air quickly have quickly realized. There’s no HDMI-out port for streaming to a TV, no Ethernet port for wired network connection, no PCI slots for adding new cards and no serial port for connecting to a printer.

There are only one Thunderbolt port, two USB ports and a headphone jack. Considering the solid quality of MacBook Air, it sometimes feels a bit bland. Users can solve this with the Landing Zone and it is not just an ordinary laptop dock. The Landing Zone is a thoroughly elegant, unobtrusive solution that extends the Air’s capability with additional ports.

With the Landing Zone, users get three more USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port and Mini DisplayPort. A lever at the back of the dock allows for smooth removal. The Landing Zone is priced at $200 (Approx. £128), which is a bit steep for a docking station, but it shouldn’t be a problem for many MacBook Air users, who don’t mind owning an expensive laptop in the first place.

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