How ARM Influences Haswell-Powered Laptops?

Many of us would easily notice that laptop makers are delivering models with longer battery life and the reason for this new trend is the Intel Haswell processor. It delivers dramatically longer time operational with a single charge.

Intel has devoted much of its focus on delivering better processing power and it’s good thing to see that the company has managed to balance energy efficiency and high performance level. Despite being energy efficient, laptops with Haswell processors are still adequate for video editing, multimedia playback and gaming.

The company’s new strategy is a response to existential threats posed by the UK-based microprocessor firm, ARM. Intel is rushing to refashion its laptop processors to deliver favorable characteristics of ARM’s designs, including very low power requirements. Technically, ARM is a major power in the mobile industry and it would be very difficult for Intel to duplicate ARM’s business model, since it’s unlikely for Intel to match ARM’s low-cost solutions.

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