Eurocom X3 (Clevo P157SM) Review

The Eurocom X3 is a laptop that’s focused on raw performance, instead of long battery life, low fan noise and compact size. The machine would easily satiate the desire for high performance level with its Intel Haswell processor and MXM 3.0 bay that supports high-end GPU.

It supports up to five internal storage components, both HDD and SSD. The Eurocom X3 is a direct improvement over the Racer 2.0 and it offers a sleeker feel without sacrificing rigidity. This is clearly a good improvement since Clevo barebones models typically lack good visual styling that other competitors have exploited.

To take full advantage of powerful processors and GPU, users shouldn’t run the laptop on batteries, but even at power-saving mode, the laptop is more than capable of handling intensive web browsing and word processing. The Haswell processor runs up to 3.5GHz on all four cores with the Turbo Boost feature.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M GPU is capable of handling newest games at best detail settings. Overall, the Eurocom X3 is one of the best examples combining the new Intel Haswell chipset and Nvidia Kepler GPU.

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