Hewlett Packard has announced new revisions to the current Envy and Pavilion laptop lineups.

As an improvement over the affordable HP DM1, the Pavilion 11 Touchsmart is equipped with 11-inch display. Like its predecessor, the laptop also offers decent performance level at only slightly higher than netbook-level prices.

Starting at $399 (Approx. £256), the laptop will be equipped with standard touchscreen and AMD APU. It is expected that the new Pavilion model will be available for purchase next month.

HP also introduces other new Pavilion models equipped with 14”, 15” and 17″ displays. These are typically lower mid-range models, priced between $430 (Approx. £276) and $480 (Approx. £309), with both Intel and AMD processors.

There are also three new high-end models from the Envy line. One of them is the Envy Touchsmart 14, which is an ultrabook with high resolution display. Sporting the 3200 x 1800 resolution, the TouchSmart 14 will compete directly with the Retina-capable MacBook Pro and Toshiba Kirabook

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