It is officially announced that the Haswell family, Intel’s 4th generation core processors will be available on June 3. The chip offers better battery life and in some extent, enhanced graphics performance. Laptops powered with Haswell chips will last longer and perhaps much longer than any laptop we known if specific power-saving measures are applied.

Early Haswell chips are quad-core varieties and they will be on more expensive laptop models. Due to more improved power efficiency, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see quad-core chips used by 13” mainstream laptop models with smaller form factor. Touch capability will be a huge factor for Haswell laptops, especially after Windows 8.1 is released in the later half of the year.

It is believed that Haswell will have 20 times lower power requirements during idle period than earlier Intel Core families. Combined with higher responsiveness and performance, Haswell is certainly an excellent step forward for Intel.

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