Haswell-Equipped Chromebooks Offer Much Improved Battery Life

Chromebooks are entering a new level of sophistication with the integration of Intel’s efficient Haswell processor. Compared to the Ivy Bridge, the new architecture only offers a slight improvement in performance at about 15 percent. But, the highly efficient platform offers up to 50 percent better battery life.

Early Haswell-equipped models, such as the HP Chromebook 14 offers 14-inch dispay and optional 4G data connectivity. With a starting price of about £190, the Chromebook will be available in the UK during the holiday season.

Acer’s new Chromebook is also equipped with Haswell chipset, but with smaller 11.6-inch display. Battery life is expected to be slightly under nine hours, which is decent but not too remarkable. The new laptop category seems to appeal more to consumers with light computing requirements but still want a great online experience.

These devices would become another challenge that Microsoft needs to face in the declining PC market. Other than the reduced price tag, new Chromebook generation can benefit UK consumers with cloud-based computing and much reduced maintenance time.

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