Fujitsu Celsius H920Fujitsu is one of major notebook manufacturers and it confidently competes with other established top dogs such as Lenovo, Dell and HP. Its new laptop model the Celcius H920 packs plenty of punch, which is appropriate for demanding task. The Celsius H920 comes in three different configurations with various models of Intel Core i7 processors and Nvidia Quadro graphics. The top model has an embedded LTE broadband modem, which is useful in areas with no WiFi coverage.

While the laptop can’t compete in terms of build quality with other models, the 17” laptop still delivers a solid impression. Certified with various MIL-STD standards, the Celsius H920 is durable enough to withstand abuse and continuous usages. Due to its sheer size, the lid twists more easily under pressure, but it is robust enough to prevent damages to the display. Unfortunately, there are no hooks to keep the lid reliably in position when it’s closed. The laptop only has one USB 3.0 port, while the absence of mSATA slot and FireWire port may also annoy some professionals.

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