HP ProBook 6570bHP ProBook 6570b is a business-oriented machine which comes with solid manufacturing quality. The comprehensive array of features and the luxurious aluminum body would fit any active professional. The bright display comes with anti-glare surface and high contrast ratio. The HP ProBook 6570b delivers a well-rounded solution that fits both full-fledged office operations and private users.

The 2.6GHz Intel Core i5-3320M processor and AMD HD Radeon 7570M graphics card provide acceptable performance level for business users. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to switch the graphics crunching task to the more energy-efficient, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. This would result in marginally shorter batter life. Laptops with 15.6” display occupy a lion’s share of the enterprise market.

It delivers a maximum resolution of 1600×900 with acceptable visibility when used outdoors. However, the display will start to lose its brilliance when bright lighting sources are placed behind users. Battery life is disappointing for any traveling professional; it lasts slightly longer than 2 hours when used for WiFi browsing.

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