Docking Stations May Allow Hackers to Control Your Laptop

Laptop Docking Stations

Laptop docks are useful as they provide a way to connect laptops with more peripherals. When used in on office settings, docks allow you to get all the benefits of using a desktop computer. Most docking stations add ports for network connections, audio and video. This is particularly useful for laptops that don’t have VGA out, HDMI and DVI ports.

However, there are reports that hackers can add a piece of hardware to docks, which allows for remote attacks. When a laptop is connected to the dock, all sorts of new information are processed including ports connections, VoIP calls and videoconference traffic.

Apparently, hackers can capture the traffic before it is encrypted or after it is decrypted using special kind of device. Such a method will be demonstrated in the Black Hat Europe, a technology security event to be held in Amsterdam. Hackers who have access to a distribution channel can illegally put a device into new docking stations, before they are sold to consumers.

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