Comparing the Storage of Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air

Microsoft Surface Pro - MacBook AirThe Surface Pro will be Microsoft’s next tablet model, but unfortunately, it is lambasted for the low storage capacity. The 64GB model only has 23GB remaining space available due to large size of Windows 8 OS. However, some reports say that the Surface Pro actually comes with 128GB of storage and 83GB of space available. The jump in storage amount makes both the Surface Pro and Macbook Air are almost comparable in terms of free space available.

It should be noted that OS X and Windows have different counting method for available space. So while Windows reports the available space at 83GB, Mac will report it at 90GB. This happens because OS X uses base 10 for storage counting.

Both devices allow users to reset the entire system when total failure occurs, using the recovery image. However, the Pro also  has the ability to transfer images to external storages, which allows users to erase large amount of files from the internal storage and free up more space.

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