Dell Releases A Variant of Precision M6700 with Nvidia Quadro K5000M

The Dell Precision M6700 is a true masterpiece for professionals with its low operating noise and high-end performance. CPU throttling during peak load further ensures excellent stability. Originally, Dell introduced a model with AMD FirePro M600, but with the Nvidia Quadro K500M GPU, the company seeks to provide additional performance boost.

Benchmark results show that the Quadro K500M offer nice performance across the board and it even leads in all fields. It should be noted that the new GPU is very dependent on the Quadro drivers, which directly affect the compatibility and stability.

Even with the more improved GPU, the Precision M6700 is never conceived as a gaming platform. Nevertheless, the new Quadro K500M is quite suitable for this role. Many latest game titles can be rendered fluidly in highest detail settings and 1080p resolution. The Diablo III (2012) can reach 130fps at maximum quality settings. The laptop is still powered by the same Intel Core i7 3940XM clocked between 3GHz and 3.9GHz.

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