Dell Precision M6700Dell Precision M6700 is a powerful mobile workstation, which offers above-average features. The M6700 comes with flexible configuration and users can define preferred specifications in Dell’s online store. Consumers can choose between nine different processors, four dedicated graphics cards, four display sizes and various storage combinations. Prices depend on the hardware configuration, but the base model comes with Intel Core i5-3320M and AMD FirePro M6000 graphics card, which is available for 1449 euro.

Dell Precision M6700 promises a highly-efficient platform with silent noise level. It offers decent performance for productivity task, web browsing and image processing. With its professional-oriented graphics solution, the Precision M6700 is optimized for CAD task.  Obviously, the Dell Precision M6700 comes with premium price tag, which shouldn’t be a problem for any high-income professional. With an exceptionally wide range of possible configuration combinations; the Precision M6700 is conceivable for any specific requirement.

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