Maingear Nomad 15 Review

Maingear Nomad 15Maingear Nomad 15 may easily impress mobile gamers with its distinctive MSI gaming chassis. The uniquely designed lid separates the laptop from Alienware machines and the case looks more stylish than Clevo models. The Maingear Nomad 15 delivers outstanding system performance and the machine comes with impressive battery life considering the use of various power-hogging components.

Despite a few rough spots, the Maingear Nomad 15 still looks like a well-rounded gaming machine. The loud fan noise is unavoidable, which is irksome when performing light tasks such as playing video and music. The $1549 (Approx. £998) price tag is something to be expected from a powerhouse like the Maingear Nomad 15.

The Maingear Nomad 15 offers the bells and whistles of a gaming machine with Intel Core i7-3840QM processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M 4GB GPU, 16GB of RAM and a couple of 128GB Crucial m3 SSDs assembled in stripe formation. Maingear allows customers to request a fully customized model which is available until up to $2599 (Approx. £1675).

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