Dell Inspiron 17R-5721 Notebook

The Dell Inspiron 17R-5721 is a proper notebook for price-conscious mobile gamers. The 1.7GHz Core i5 3317U processor may sound somewhat underpowered for serious gaming, but that’s a direct consequence of the lower price tag. This also allows for lower voltage requirements, but the machine is still equipped with a large cooling solution, which is adequate for continuous peak-load performance. The Dell Inspiron 17R-5721 is also quieter than typical gaming machines; the fan isn’t immediately revved up to higher speed to respond to bursts of load. The relatively large chassis offers users good ergonomics values, which improves the overall usability.

The chiclet keyboard is adequately precise with its medium key travel and clear pressure point. Accurate and fast typing is slightly challenging due to the layout used, but it is somewhat compensated by the large key spacing. The 17” (1600 x 900) display may draw criticism for its limited viewing angles and pale colors, which spoils gaming experience somewhat. The 1TB Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive is adequate for storing more than 50 full-sized games.

The AMD Radeon HD 8730 1GB is a mainstream GPU model, which supports DirectX 11.1. It offers a generally mixed performance level with StarCraft 2 barely playable at 20fps when running on high detail settings.

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