Comparing Between MacBook Air and iPad

The Haswell-powered MacBook Air surely impresses us with long battery life and superior performance level. Compared to the iPad, Apple’s new laptop has real physical keyboard, which is more appropriate for serious typing.

It also includes Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, as well as Flash-capable web browser. Weight and size could be an issue for iPad users, since the 11” MacBook Air is slightly heavier at 2.38lbs. The iPad is cheaper too, since the basic MacBook Air model with 128GB SSD starts at $999 (Approx. £643).

Again, it all depends on how users plan to use their devices. If it’s primarily for reading ebook, browsing the web and watching videos, then an iPad is the way to go. It’s already functional enough for light computing and can easily slip into a smaller bag. If users do a lot of video editing, typing and gaming, then they should opt for a MacBook, since its Haswell chip already includes a decent integrated GPU.

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