Chromebooks Beats MacBook in Laptop Marketplace

In classroom, many educators opt for Chromebooks over Apple MacBooks; a new research suggests. Apparently, affordable Chromebook models have soared past Apple’s offering, due to more interest from the education sector.

Conseuqently, sales of Apple MacBooks and iPad tablets have declined somewhat in; due to vigorous competition from manufacturers of Chromebooks and Android tablets.

This shouldn’t be all too surprising. Apple’s products are not particularly affordable and certain organizations prefer to purchase low-cost devices. In addition, these platforms offer excellent integration with a variety of Google-based services, such as Drive and Docs. With their low price and compact form factor; Chromebooks could also be compelling to small businesses and startups aiming to streamline the IT investment.

Between January and November, Chromebooks already accounted for nearly 10 percent of combined laptop and tablet marketplace. Windows-based laptops still dominate at 34 percent, followed by desktop computers at 27.8 percent and Apple iPad at 15.8 percent.

Chromebooks are available for between $199 and $299; so any budget-strapped individuals and non-profit firms would see these machines as an excellent opportunity to bring affordable notebook into their daily routines. As comparison, the standard 9.7-inch Apple iPad starts at $499 and MacBook lineup is much more expensive; which is available for at least $999.

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