Laptop Users May Need to Cover Their Webcam Lens to Deal With Spying Threat

In the wake of reports on possible intrusion that allows hackers to hijack the laptop’s webcam, security experts have warned about the vulnerability. Software patches are typical solution to deal with any security threat, but sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. Some have begun to urge laptop makers to add sliding webcam cover to prevent hackers capture photos and videos; although the webcam is completely under their control.

Recently, we receive warning that older MacBook models are vulnerable to this type of exploit. Hackers are even able to disable the small LED light that indicate the camera is enabled. This way user could be unaware that they are being watched from a remote location. In fact, Washington Post stated that law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have employed this technique to perform surveillance on targeted individuals.

It could be awhile before laptop manufacturers apply an effective software patch and because Apple no longer supports its older laptop models, it is quite unlikely that users will get any kind of patch. If they are really concerned with security issue, their only solution is to put a tape on the webcam lens and remove it only when they need to perform video call sessions.

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