Chromebooks Are Amazon’s Best Selling Laptops in Holiday Season

The year of  will end within days and two Chromebook models are now among the best selling models at Amazon. The new laptop category is known for its lightweight operating system based on Google’s Chrome web browser.

Combined with low price tag, these machines appeal to users with only basic computing needs, such as web browsing and light document editing. Obviously, users need to have a steady Internet connection to allow them get the best user experience. But it shouldn’t be a huge limitation for users who live in areas with decent Internet infrastructure.

Amazon recently released a press release, which lists the Acer Chromebook, Asus Transformer Book and Samsung Chromebook as best selling models in this holiday season. The Acer Chromebook is $199 and the Samsung Chromebook is slightly cheaper at $192.

Holiday season is not always predictable. The company bragged a few years ago that the Kindle Fire tablet will be enjoy great sales, but it proved to represent only a tiny amount of market share. Many argued that the early Kindle Fire model waas something we would buy for others, but not for ourselves. Chromebooks are different; they are cheap enough for anyone with web-centric requirements.

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