Bay Trail Touch-Enabled Laptops Could Eventually Reach $200

Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini recently teased us with a prediction that future touch-enabled laptops would be priced as low as $200 (Approx. £128). The prices are set to tumble after Intel releases a new next generation Atom family. These new laptop designs will involve the use of Intel Bay Trail quad-core processor, which are said to deliver significantly larger performance boost compared to previous models.

It is believed that the Bay Trail could potentially double the current performance level offered by existing hardware architecture. Bay Trail laptops can be as thin as 0.3 inches (8mm), that have weeks of standby and all-day battery life.

If this is true, Bay Trail could be a great alternative to the Sandy Bridge or future Haswell lineups, delivering decent performance level for the low price tag. However, such attractively-priced Windows 8 laptops may not be in retail until the start of this year’s holiday season.

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