The Asus Taichi 31-CX003H is a unique machine with two excellent 13.3” 1080p IPS displays. This allows users to put the laptop quickly into the tablet mode, although it means that the lid loses its protective value. Navigating the standard Windows 8 interface feels satisfactory and the tile interface is nice for touch-based tasks.

The Asus Taichi 31-CX003H feels reasonably light at 1.55kg, but still a bit too heavy for prolonged uses as a tablet. Tablets are typically held with one hand and the weight could affect usability and comfort of use.

The laptop also has decent but not exceptional battery life. The highly responsive SanDisk SSD helps to boost the overall performance level. On the sides, there are only two USB 3.0 ports, volume rocker, SD card reader, mini VGA port and micro HDMI out port.

There’s nothing sensational with the Intel Core i5 3317U ULV processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. Users also get 256GB SSD and 4GB of RAM, which are suitable only for non-intensive computing requirements.

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